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Request the Sage 50 Accounting Students Program

  • Read all the following information:

    The Sage 50 Accounting Program is provided to students and is used to complete the exercises with for the Sage 50 Accounting Courses. If you do not have the Sage 50 Accounting Program on a computer, we will provide the Students Program to you.

    The Sage 50 Students Program is a fully operating educational program and is to be used for training purposes only. Do not create a real company using this program as it has built-in restrictions, the program and company database will expire.

    If you already have Sage 50 Accounting installed on a computer, you may not require the Students Program; you may use your own Sage 50 Accounting Program to complete the course exercises with. Your instructor will review your program with you, before starting the course. Ideally, it’s preferred for students to use the Sage 50 Students Program provided.

    Also, if the computer you are using, has or had any versions of Sage 50 Accounting installed on it (including the Trial Version), please check the appropriate boxes below. Your instructor will need to provide additional information of completing a cleanup procedure.

    Sage 50 Accounting is available to install on a Desktop or Laptop Computer that has Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 installed on it.

    If you have a MAC computer, Sage 50 Accounting can be installed, but there is additional setup required. MAC computers do not come with Windows OS installed and is required to run Sage 50 Accounting. The MAC computers Hard Dive needs to be partitioned with the program: Apple’s Boot Camp and then, install Windows OS for MAC. There may be additional costs to you for these programs. Also depending on your MAC, we recommend using professional IT support services.

    Note: Chromebook Computers cannot be used, Windows OS cannot be installed and are an “App” only based computer.

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