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The way I used the course was to listen to the video, read the material per lesson, then do the exercise and quiz. I found that this way if any concepts I did not quite fully understand after the video – reading the material helped to clarify. If I needed clarification, it was great to be able to reach to the instructor to ask questions. I also like taking courses online as it eliminates my travel time to and from a location and I can fit it into my busy life and schedule. I found the material and videos were both well done. Thanks Alan for being my instructor.

Nancy of Calgary, AB, Completed the Excel 101 Course

I really enjoyed this course, it touched a little on everything without being overwhelming. I have previously taken an in depth spreadsheet class in college a couple years ago and this was an excellent way to refresh my memory. This course also highlighted things that’s mostly used in an every day job situation. I am looking forward to your next course and learning more.

Melinda of Port Alberni, BC, Completed the Excel 101 Course

I loved the videos as it made following the course easy. I left the audio in the background allowing me to refer to the video while working in the “let’s try it” exercises. I found the course easy to follow and provided the information to allow me do the lessons and yet challenged me to think. I had a very basic knowledge of Excel and truthfully found it intimidating, thanks to the step by step walk through I am excited about learning more and implementing what I have learned in the course to benefit me in my own business. I found Alan to be encouraging and supportive and his response time to handed in material was excellent.

Carol of Comox, BC, Completed the Excel 101 Course

I liked how this Excel 101 Course broke everything down step by step; liked the ‘let’s try this’ exercises and the videos matched the lessons. I enjoyed the final Assignment as we put what we learned into practice.

Tammy of Whitehorse, YT, Completed the Excel 101 Course
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