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20 Course Hours   |   24/7 Online Access   |   Certificate Course   |   Assigned Instructor   |   Prerequisites: None   |   Course Fee: $200 + Tax

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Course Description

In this hands-on course, you will learn the simplicity of using Microsoft® Excel, a powerful tool for organizing and analyzing data. You will begin with the basics and master the skills to create workbooks, sort and customize data, and work with formulas.

This course is set apart from any other Excel Course, as you will gain experience with our hands-on exercises that provide step-by-step instructions that prepare you to work with Excel in a business. The video tutorials offer more than just demonstrations of using Excel, they provide many tips and tricks. Also, you are assigned to an instructor to help during the course and answer questions.

This course simply provides exceptional value! Join the thousands of Canadian who have completed our courses successfully and are working with the Excel Program confidently.

Topics Covered

Excel 1 Course Topics:

  • Excel Fundamentals
  • Navigating and understanding the structure of Excel
  • Creating Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Saving and naming Excel Documents
  • Entering and editing text, numbers and formulas
  • Creating basic formulas
  • Working with basic Excel Functions
  • Excel AutoSum, Shortcut Keys and AutoFill Command
  • Modifying and Excel Spreadsheet
  • Moving, inserting, changing rows, columns and cells
  • Formatting Data in Excel Worksheets
  • Printing Excel Worksheets
  • Adding and Deleting Worksheets

Course Includes:

  • Getting Stated Guide and Course Outline
  • Assigned instructor for support to answer questions
  • Excel 1 Course Manual (online PDF to print)
  • Excel 1 Course video tutorials
  • Excel 1 Course exercises
  • 2 months access to course materials, anytime from anywhere 24/7
  • Certificate upon completion

Note: Students are required to have a licensed Excel program installed on their computer. Simply Training does not supply or provide any Excel Programs.

Requirements & FAQ

What are the prerequisites?
This is an Excel beginner’s course, there are no prerequisites to knowing the Excel program. Students must have basic knowledge of working with computers and experience with using Windows Operating System.

Who should take this course?
The Excel 1 Course is open to anyone who is new to Excel and wants to learn to use the program proficiently or anyone who is using Excel and wants to expand their basic Excel knowledge and skills.

When can I get started?
Our courses are on-demand, you can start anytime, today or when your schedule permits.

How does this course work?
Once registered, you receive a welcome email with your login to access the course student’s page and to get started. On the course page, the lessons are laid out in an easy step-by-step format, with a Getting Started Guide and a Course Outline. The lessons comprise of a video tutorial, a manual, an exercise and a short quiz to check your knowledge.

Where can I access the course from?
This course is online and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere using a computer with internet.

How long does the course take?
You have two-months access to the course; an access expiry date is assigned with your Login email. The hours to complete this course is approximately 20 hours. On average, for people who are not working will complete the course in one to two weeks. For people who are working, on average it takes two to three weeks to complete. Course completion is left to the discretion of the registered student.

How Do the Video Tutorials Work?
The video tutorials are accessed from the course students page and are easy to view. The videos can be viewed many times, from anywhere, at any time, so you can learn at your own pace and on your schedule.

Which Excel Programs does this course use and is applicable to?
Students can use Excel 2013, 2016, 2019 or Office 365 licenced programs.

Note: The free Excel Program cannot be used for this course; it has limited access to features.

What are the Computer Requirements?
A computer with internet connection to access course materials and video tutorials, Windows OS and the Excel licensed program.

How do I contact the instructor for questions or if I need help?
Your instructor is there to help you succeed and is in communication with you during the course. You will submit completed exercises, and the instructor reviews them and provides feedback. Your instructor is accessible by phone or email, and remote support is offered as needed.

Do I Receive a Certificate?
Yes, a certificate is issued to students who successfully complete the required course exercises and quiz submissions.

Do you provide verifiable hours for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits?
Yes, we provide students with a letter upon request.

How Do I Register?
We offer easy online registration, select the Register button on the page. Payment is accepted by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and e-Transfer. We do not accept American Express or Visa-Debit Cards.

Registration and payments are secure, and we do not share or sell your information. If you prefer to register over the phone, please give our office a call (855) 422-5861 for phone registrations.

Note: We reserve the right to make changes or modify content at any time without notice

Hear what our successful students have to say about the Excel 101 course…

The way I used the course was to listen to the video, read the material per lesson, then do the exercise and quiz. I found that this way if any concepts I did not quite fully understand after the video – reading the material helped to clarify. If I needed clarification, it was great to be able to reach to ask questions. The best part of being able to reach out to the instructor. I also like taking courses online as it eliminates my travel time to and from a location and I can fit it into my busy life and schedule. I found the material and videos were both well done.

Nancy of Calgary, AB, Completed the Excel 101 Course

I really enjoyed this course, it touched a little on everything without being overwhelming. I have previously taken an in depth spreadsheet class in college a couple years ago and this was an excellent way to refresh my memory. This course also highlighted things that’s mostly used in an every day job situation. I am looking forward to your next course and learning more.

Melinda of Port Alberni, BC, Completed the Excel 101 Course
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This course is open to anyone who is new to Excel and wants to learn to use the program proficiently or anyone who is using Excel and wants to expand their basic Excel knowledge and skills.